Our Shared Vision

Welcome to the AssuredPartners charity vision for 2023
Partnership. Expertise. Innovation. Passion. Doing the right thing.
These aren’t traits you typically find in the world’s largest insurance firms. But
you’ll find them with AssuredPartners, because we’re invested in your success –
now and for the long run

We are looking forward to making a difference with #APCares, our charity campaign further showcasing the value of Power Through Partnership.

#APCARES is our dedicated approach to working with localised charities that contribute to the people and the planet. #APCARES is rolled out across all of our companies, with them each taking a couple of smaller local charities to support, whilst also supporting our group organisations that work toward impacting world and countrywide issues.

Green Sod Ireland is a Land Trust that Protects Land and its Biodiversity.

Green Sod Ireland is devoted to ensuring the preservation of natural areas, providing us with a chance to marvel at our world and its countless creatures. By engaging local communities in their endeavours, they spread understanding about how looking after land and biodiversity can bring health benefits as well as social, economic and environmental improvements for people now and generations still to come- along with materials such as animals, plants, soils, rocks and microorganisms impacted by this effort.


Rewilding is the large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself. It seeks to reinstate natural processes and, where appropriate and when the time is right, reintroduce missing species – allowing them to shape the landscape and its habitats.

Rewilding offers hope and the opportunity to give nature (and us) a fighting chance – bringing it back to life, saving wildlife, tackling climate breakdown, and benefiting people and communities. It’s about moving from nature protection to recovery and restoration.


How Do Acquisitions Join In With #APCARES

With partnership at the core of our values, we aim to support local and relevant charities where our support is most impactful and helps to bring forth the most change. We are also able to create new ways for employees to volunteer, grow as leaders and get involved in community initiatives to make a difference.

When acquiring new business, we want to build on their core values not override them. That’s why we encourage our acquired companies to maintain their local charitable efforts. Any company joining that doesn’t already support a charity chooses a suitable local and impactful one, this then becomes their #APCARES figurehead organisation, where their own individual company efforts will be centred. We organise and attend events to raise funds and supplies for these organisations as well as our overarching charitable organisations that the group as a whole helps to support.

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